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Rock Throwing Attack

Safety Film Stop Rock Throwing Attack

Private motorists, bus operators and truck haulers are rushing to beat the continuous problem of rock throwing attacks on vehicles. The rioting situation throughout the world at the moment highlights the need for protection of vehicles, especially in many of the Middle Eastern countries, where stoning and rock throwing is a daily occurrence.

Safety film applied to vehicle windows is now utilised throughout the world as manufacturers do not supply cars with shatterproofed side and back windows. Safety film applied to glass will hold the glass in one piece if shattered, thus reducing the risk of penetration and subsequent damage. In the event of an ordinary motor accident, the film serves as good protection also. When glass is broken the aim is to hold the glass together in one piece and to prevent it from being shattered into thousands of shards which fly in all directions, cutting and slicing everything in its path. Glass bonded with film is kept intact and the result is a reduction of damage to property and injury to personnel.

Safety film on motor cars is big business in South Africa and 80% of new cars have an aftermarket safety film applied by dealerships prior to delivery of vehicles.

Klingshield spent many years on an educational marketing plan to bring to attention the value of safety film on car windows over the past 40 years. Safety film will also become big business throughout the world in future due to the continuous rioting situations taking place worldwide.

An added bonus of putting safety film on your car windows is that it also reduces the heat from entering the car by up to 60%. Night time and daytime glare is reduced by up to 65% and the ultra violet rays which are the main cause of interiors fading, is reduced by 99.5%.

Originally car windows were tinted with dyed films. However, now sophisticated thick safety films are used and offer a better and safer driving experience. Double and triple thick safety films are also available for pedantically paranoiac consumers who want the best protection available. The thicker the film, the more difficult to apply, but Klingshield has perfected the application of double and triple thick safety films, being 200 and 300 micron.

New windscreen film technology also helps to reinforce the front windscreen and offer extra security and safety for drivers, as well as reducing a large portion of the heat from coming through the windscreen.
Consumers spend large amounts of money protecting their homes and offices with sophisticated security systems. However, some neglect to protect their motor cars.

Should you require further information on safety film for cars in its various thicknesses, please consult our website under “Safety Films”

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