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South African Sun is Dangerous

South African Sun is far more dangerous than you think!

Recent reports show that millions of South Africans are becoming bombarded with potentially lethal levels of ultra violet radiation strong enough to break down plastics and are breathing air ten times more polluted than recommended international standards.

These are some of the startling facts in a comprehensive state of the environmental report, a Government document that warns of catastrophe unless South Africa protects its natural resources.

The report also says figures from Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban show ultra violet B radiation as being at extremely dangerous levels last summer.

The worrying factor is that the radiation levels are at a very dangerous level between two and six months of the year says Dr. Rudi Pretorius, Director of Information for Department of Environmental Affairs.

According to the report, air pollution in many industrial and residential suburbs within the country’s major metropolitan areas, was more than double the World Health Organisation’s recommendation.

Environmental Affairs Minister, Villi Moosa said the report showed the urgency for public awareness about the dangers of ultra violet light.

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