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See Through Window Film

Keep Cool in Summer and Save Heat in Winter

Windows and glass doors are the second biggest heat and cooling loss in your home and office. The “sun stopper” by Klingshield helps stop that loss and saves you money. Klingshield’s transparent film once applied to glass, actually insulates the glass and keeps the summer heat out and retains heat in winter. Therefore you use your airconditioning and heating systems far less than you would normally, saving large amounts of money on electricity bills.

With the ever increasing cost of electricity, you have to conserve energy and use it efficiently. To do this you need to keep the heat out in summer and keep the heat in during the winter months. Windows and glass doors are big energy losers. Second to poor installation, windows and glass doors are the worst cause of heating/cooling losses in your office. This accounts for over 10% of winter heating loss and over 30% of increased airconditioning costs in summer. The sun’s ray beat mercifully through those lovely sliding glass windows and glass doors, heating up your rooms and fading fabric, carpets and curtains.

You could pull the drapes and block the view but this would only fade and deteriorate the colours of your drapes. Put a pair of sunglasses on your home and office by way of transparent reflective film that fits directly onto your windows and doors. The Klingshield solar control window film can block the sun’s heat and reduce the glare.

Sun up close

Reduce the sun’s heat by 20 degrees. The amazing optical clarity of Klingshield’s film can reduce the temperatures inside your room by up to 20 degrees. See the Dundee Municipality report on the landing page of our website for test results.

Reduce airconditioning costs by an amazing 35%. Eliminate and lower indoor temperatures in summer even if you do not have airconditioning in your home or office. This is because Klingshield’s solar reflective film reflects up to 91% of the sun’s rays and rejects up to 88% of the sun’s glare. Klingshield’s film shields 99.5% of the ultra violet that fades carpets, drapes and fabrics. Klingshield looks good and keeps you cool. With Klingshield’s solar reflective film, protection of your office and home can be enjoyed with daytime privacy, while still allowing you to see outdoors with optical clarity. Enjoy the personal comfort plus the overall feeling of coolness and relaxation.

Klingshield reflective solar control window film is a product of the most advanced space age technology and manufacturing processes and this material is used by astronauts as thermal umbrellas.

Easy maintenance with scratch resistant coatings on all window films, maintenance is simple, just a wipe clean with a mild detergent and a soft towel. Klingshield also increases the shatter resistance of the glass windows and glass doors. This is an extra feature, especially desirable where children are present. Klingshield window film on your home or office windows increases the value as well as making your spaces more comfortable and creating enjoyable surroundings at all times.

Klingshield pays for itself in no time.

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