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Window Film Testing Equipment

Window Film Testing Equipment

Once again, Klingshield is the first in the South African market place to offer customers practical tests when calling on homes or offices to consumers with “sun” problems.

Over the years, window film consultants normally demonstrate the effectiveness of window film by showing customers a piece of film and maybe holding it up to the sun to demonstrate the reduction in sunlight.

In our modern world today, Klingshield has come up with a realistic set of testing equipment to be able to demonstrate the amount of heat coming through a window. This heat or solar energy is measured in BTU’s and under normal circumstances on a hot day in summer from the direct path of the sun, there is approximately 230 BTU’s per square foot penetrating the glass. Once a piece of film is attached to the glass and a measurement is taken, the reduction in solar energy will show 50 BTU’s coming through. This clearly demonstrates to the customer the solar performance of Klingshield’s Silver 20 window film.

Another piece of equipment now available to Klingshield’s consultants is an energy transmission measuring machine. This piece of equipment measures the solar spectrum of energy created by the sun. Therefore a consultant can demonstrate the different quality of performance of each style of film carried in the Klingshield range. This machine measures the visible light allowed in by the window film, the Infra red heat from the sun allowed in as well as the ultra violet rays, which is the main cause of fading.
Ultra violet radiation

The UV energy from the sun is not visible to the human eye and is broken up into three categories – UVA, UVB and UVC. UVB and UVA energy pass through the atmosphere and reach the earth’s surface. This same UV radiation penetrates through windows and is not blocked by standard float glass.

Window films, window tinting or glass coatings are capable of reflecting and absorbing the UV spectrum of the light. Most window films stop 99% of the UVA energy which is a primary component responsible for fading of furniture and overall deterioration of fabric quality. Window film applied to glass will offer furnishings a longer life and is the best available protection in the market place today.

New ultra vision window films are very popular in areas where fading is a consideration . Should you require more information on UV protection please read our Ultra Vision article.

Visible Light

Visible light is the only portion of the sun’s spectrum that the human eye can see. This includes natural light and all the colours of the rainbow. Natural light is often desired to make a room or building look open and feel well lit. Large amounts of natural light will also reduce the need for lighting in a given structure. Window film products with high visible light transmission values will result in a clearer and more natural view through the window. Window films in various densities, can lower the visible light transmission. Visible light also known as glare, can be uncomfortable and cause eye strain, headaches and stress. Unwanted visible light can be aggrevating in rooms with televisions or computer monitors. Window film products offer excellent reduction in glare and have been utilised over the last 40 years in offices and homes where glare is a problem.

Infra Red

Infra red energy relates to the heat energy that has been emitted from the sun. Infra red energy is light that our eyes cannot see, but our bodies can detect and feel the heat. This is the energy one feels as heat when standing in the sun. This is the same energy that hits window surfaces and transmits it through the glass to increase inside temperatures in buildings.

Window films control infra red and reduce the temperatures inside buildings. Decreasing infra red transmission will decrease the amount of heat energy consumed in a building, thus reducing the overheating effect that occurs in summer months and hot climates. By reducing the infra red rooms will be cooler and more comfortable, creating a stabilising temperature.

Many of the films in Klingshield’s range vary the amount of infra red kept out.

Klingshield offers its clientele absolute proof of performance of each product. Consultants can now discuss in detail, what the client’s problem is and how it can be solved by the reduction of solar energy of window film.