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Front Windscreen Window to your World

Your Front Windscreen is “Your Window to your World”

Keeping interiors of vehicles cooler starts with your windscreen. The front windscreen of any vehicle is a problem as it allows the maximum amount of heat to pass through it, which creates uncomfortable interior cabin temperatures. The sun’s infra red is what causes the inside temperature of your car to become unbearably hot.

A test carried out in the United States of America showed that a car with our new windscreen film has a measurement of 38 deg C when parked in the sun. However the untreated windscreen of the same car had an interior measurement of 54 deg C, i.e. the treated car being 16 deg. Cooler.

Klingshield’s windscreen film is extremely effective also on UV as it blocks 100% of UV from passing through the window. Harmful UV rays under normal circumstances cause irreversible damage to vehicle interiors, as well as to human skin.  

Klingshield’s windscreen film is designed in such a way that it will not interfere with the electronics of a vehicle and will not interfere with cell phones, radios, gps positioning systems or radar detectors.   Once applied to the interior of the windscreen Klingshield’s film is durable and will be virtually maintenance free.

The installation of windscreen film is far more complicated than regular tinting of side windows and is installed by our professional trained technicians.

Performance Data of High Visibility High Performance Windscreen Film:

  • Percentage of visible light transmitted (allowed in) 78%
  • Total solar energy rejected 43%
  • Visible light reflected 9%
  • Infra red transmitted (allowed in) 17% (at 1090 Nanometres)
All windscreen films supplied by Klingshield have a scratch resistant coating as well as a pressure sensitive adhesion. The scratch resistant coating will keep the film looking good, even under the harshest washing conditions. The aggressive adhesive will hold the glass together should the front windscreen be shattered for any reason.

Windscreen film is manufactured with the use of Nano Ceramic technology which is a very expensive process and highly sophisticated technology. The greatest benefit of this film is that it allows large amounts of light in yet it stops the heat in its tracks.

As the consumer becomes more energy conscious these Nano Ceramic films will in the future also be applied to side and back windows of cars because of its high performance.

This protection will act as a cooling system and will help reduce the use of airconditioners thereby saving on fuel.   For more information on windscreen film please contact us.