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Car After-Market

After-Market Car Treatments

Humans spend thousands of rands every day on various types of treatments for their faces, hair and bodies. The same way a woman takes care of her skin, her hair and her body with the application of various creams and treatments, one has to also take care of one’s second biggest investment – their motor car.

Car spas and treatment centres are becoming the “in thing” in the auto world. People go to large expense to treat their cars with various products. After market treatments are very popular world wide and the South African market is about to boom as the after care market of vehicles plays a very important role in the protection of one’s asset in today’s market.

With the price of cars today and the innovative control technology, Klingshield’s new range of products beats other products on the market hands down. Look after your car and your car will look after you.

The most important after care product is the necessity to shatterproofing your car windows, especially for consumers in high risk areas that experience smash and grab attacks as well as other violent attacks on vehicle windows, i.e. rioting, etc. Safety film is also a safeguard for humans should the car be involved in an accident or a child falls against a car window. Sharp fragments of broken glass will be held together by the smash and grab window film. Another advantage of smash and grab window film is the protection the film offers against UV radiation and the protection against upholstery and plastic fading and cracking.

If a car does not have Klingshield smash and grab window film the interior fades badly and deteriorates quickly, lowering the value of the vehicle. Klingshield smash and grab window film also reduces the amount of heat coming into your car, whereby keeping the cabin temperature lower and making the driving experience more pleasant. Excessive glare also plays havoc with drivers during the day and can be eliminated with the use of Klingshield’s smash and grab solar safety window film applied to the glass. Night driving is also made easier as the film reduces the amount of glare, making for safer driving.

The next after care product that is very popular in the Klingshield range is our new Nano Ceramic technology windscreen film. This amazing product reduces the infra red (heat) by 91%, making the car extremely cooler as most of the heat comes in through the windscreen. The windscreen film also reduces glare day and night by 30% and cuts out 99.5% of ultra violet light, which is part of the suns radiation that causes fading and skin cancer. Therefore Klingshield’s window film is also a great benefit for one’s health and is recommended by doctors and dermatologists around the world to reduce the causes of skin cancer. Protecting one’s eyes is also a major consideration, as these are our vision to the world and one needs to protect one’s eyes as they are the most important senses one has

Therefore with these above benefits, one cannot ignore the importance of having Klingshield’s smash and grab and windscreen film fitted to one’s car.

Stone-Shield, our paint protection film, which was developed by the United States Airforce to protect helicopter blades from wear and tear, is now available to the motor racing industry as well as the automotive industry. Car manufacturers worldwide are also utilising this polyurethane paint protection film inhouse to protect various parts of the car that are subject to the most wear and tear. Certain areas on a motor car get lots of wear and tear, for example, the mirrors, the bumpers, the fenders, boot area and headlights.

Headlights are a very important area with special headlight polyurethane film as a crack in a light costs big bucks to replace in today’s market. Scratching around mirrors and door handles is also a high wear and tear area that consumers are realising the advantages of Stone-Shield to prevent scratching from fingernails and keys. Bumpers absorb much wear and tear on open roads and car dealers are now offering their clients paint protection to enable the vehicle to remain fresh and new and also protecting their investment.

Kleen-Shield, our liquid window coating technology, has been in a research and development stage for the past 20 years. We are now proud to launch Kleen-Shield as an innovative new product for self-cleaning windows. The application of Kleen-Shield is a five step process and needs to be applied to all windows, interior and exterior of a car. This liquid coating is self-cleaning and nothing sticks to it’s surface, which makes it an incredible product.

Dirt, grime, grease, salt, dust, will not stick to it and with a spray of water and a wipe down, all contamination and particles simply roll off, keeping your glass spotless and sparkling at all times.

The most important area of any car is the windows, as they account for 35% of the total visual area of the car and keeping your windows clean and sparkling is a necessity in today’s world.

Dealers and consumers are very excited about this treatment and are taking advantage of this leading edge product for all their windows.

The above protections are state of the art and made in the USA and change the chemistry of surfaces. All products are free of imperfections and are backed by Klingshield’s customer service and warranties.

For further information please consult our website on specifications and installations of our range of products.


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