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Alfa Romeo “Stone-Shielding”

Alfa Romeo “Stone-Shielding”

Alfa Romeo “Stone-Shielding”

Klingshield Treatment Centre
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

It is a pleasure to watch the progress as the paint protection market matures with the application of Stone-Shield invisible paint protection to vehicles. The top Alfa Romeo dealership in Johannesburg has realised the potential of applying paint protection to their vehicles. On Friday they sent us a Giulietta for paint protection to be applied to the nose end and rear end of the car. This included the bonnet, fenders, front guard and back wheel arches. The application took about 7 hours to complete and the finish was virtually invisible, making us feel very proud.

This product does not change or damage the paint work on your vehicle. Stone-Shield is a visibly clear high gloss polyurethane film which is normally applied to vulnerable areas of a vehicle to form a polyurethane barrier between the paintwork and the damage caused by road debris. This film has a special aggressive adhesion system that will not crack, peel or bubble.
Should the owner of the vehicle wish to remove the film at any time, the film can be removed leaving no glue residue on the paint surface in any way and neither will it remove the paint. The paint protection protects against scratches, stone chips and any other type of debris picked up on a road surface.

Fanatical car, boat, caravan, motorcycle and light aircraft owners will be the potential users of this product in the future. Numerous paint protection products are on the market. However, Klingshield utilises the very best available, offering excellent adhesion and optical clarity.

Paint protection technology comes from the United States of America Airforce. These products had large amounts of investment into research and development, to come up with the correct product to cover the blades of helicopters. These blades were being damaged during operations in various hazardous areas, creating a weak point in the blades. Polyurethane film is also utilised in the racing industry to protect motor cars from stone chip damage. It is only recently that the products have been released to the motor trade for application to all vehicles.

The application of Stone-Shield to cars is more difficult than window tinting and in the future, only highly specialised companies will be able to offer a good enough finish to satisfy the new car market.

Toyota dealerships are also taking advantage of Stone-Shield as a second gross. As time moves on more and more dealerships will be utilising this technology, taking into account the high cost of touch up repairs on second hand motor cars.
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