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Alfa Romeo does Klingshield

Alfa Romeo’s “Giulietta” does Klingshield

It is a pleasure and an honour for Klingshield as a company to be given the opportunity to treat Alfa Giulietta cars with Smash & Grab solar safety window films.

The local Alfa Romeo dealer in Johannesburg utilises the service of Klingshield exclusively for all smash and grab window treatments to their motor vehicles. Dealer Principals and Sales Manager at most dealerships realise the necessity of turning motor car windows into shatterproof barriers.

Klingshield will always ensure that car dealerships receive the best window film technology products available in the world as we realise the importance of putting a first class product on a first class car. The Alfa Giulietta is a magnificent piece of machinery and Alfa car salesmen realise that it is a necessity to have Klingshield smash and grab window film applied for the safety of the customer and his family.

Smash and grab safety film is available in a clear and a wide variety of tinted or high performance films. The use of coloured films can add new aesthetic beauty to the vehicle by improving the harmony with the existing structure and its environment. The windows of a car, once applied with smash and grab, have a neat uniform appearance.

Smash and grab window film transmits adequate driving light while eliminating the annoying destruction of daytime and night time glare whilst driving. Visibility from within is virtually unimpaired. Solar safety smash and grab window film reduces heat from entering the interior of the car, thus saving on the running of airconditioning.

Maintenance of windows with smash and grab applied require no special cleaning routine. Windows can be washed and cleaned normally as long as no abrasives are used in the process.

This remarkable smash and grab safety film when applied to vehicle windows, becomes an integral part of the glass. Upon breakage, the film prevents the glass from shattering into dangerous shards. All Klingshield’s window films have been tested to maximum levels to ensure that they far exceed Government or International testing standards.

The application of film to cars takes approximately three hours and there is no odour or any interference with electronic equipment. One piece technology is utilised on back windows by Klingshield and side windows are custom fitted to the edge of the glass.

All Klingshield smash and grab window films carry a warranty against peeling, cracking or grazing. Klingshield’s other liability for loss, injury or damage, directly or consequentially, is limited to the original factory selling price of the material. Klingshield does not guarantee glass breakage and the warranty is void if the product has been subject to abuse or improper care. This may not be changed except in a written agreement signed by an officer of Klingshield.

Should you require any further information on Klingshield smash and grab solar safety window film please contact us

Alfa-Giulietta-bootSmash and grab window film applied to the back window of a Alfa Giulietta

Beautiful-Italian-carsGiulietta with smash and grab window film on side windows



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