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Apple and Klingshield

What Do Apple and Klingshield have in common 

Microsoft and Klingshield were launched on the market in the early 70’s. Klingshield’s first computer was an Apple Mac, which was used to do Debtors and Creditors at that time.

It is mind blowing” to think that the word “Windows” would play such an important role in the future of Klingshield and Microsoft. News reports advised that Apple shot past Microsoft as the world’s biggest technological company. These long time rivals have been pushing forward to gain major market share from each other.

It is interesting to read that Apple’s shares over the last ten years, have multiplied ten times. It is also interesting to read that 90% of the world’s personal computers operate on Microsoft systems.

With the opening of 390 stores across the world, Apple have designed their stores with huge windows, stone floors and polyurethane white desks. With the launching of IPads, IPhones, IPods and accessories, Apple intends to open more stores in the Chinese market.

While these beautiful large spacious windows offer exciting appeal to consumers, these windows have some very distinct disadvantages. Sunlight passing through these windows at certain angles create havoc with TV Monitors and screens. Glare coming through windows reflecting off stone floors makes some stores uncomfortable for consumers who often visit the store for service, technical information or just to casually sit, relax at the bars, work and enjoy the ambience.

It is also interesting to note how a drunken man threw a brick at the window of an Apple store in Michigan. Breaking windows in the USA is a serious criminal offence. A felony for smashing windows does seem a little harsh.


An Apple Store in Pittsburgh recently had their glass doors smashed in early on a Sunday morning. With the high demand of Apple’s products it makes good sense for Apple to secure all their glass doors with a thick shatterproof safety window film. This window product will help prevent break-ins and make Apple stores more secure.

Various window tints on Apple store windows would reduce glare and make the Apple store a more comfortable experience for those thousands of consumers who love to browse in these high tech modern like super stores.

Another clever marketing idea by Apple is to apply a “shattered” window look graphic on to their windows to create attention and stand out from the crowd. These shatterproof graphics on their windows stand out like sore thumbs and is part of the new IPod and Hi-Fi campaign.

In conclusion one cannot help but notice that the concept of “Windows” in business plays an important role in both Apple and Klingshield’s marketing strategies.


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