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Grey 5 Window Film Application

Application of Grey 5 Window Film and “Light Gaps”

Grey 5 is the darkest window film available on the market place today. This is an excellent privacy product and can be used for guard houses and skylights where maximum glare reduction is required. This film eliminates 95% of the glare only allowing in 5% of the visible light.

According to international specifications from the United Kingdom Glass and Glazing Federation and the South African Window Film Association specifications, an edge gap between 1mm and 4mm is required when the film is applied against the frame. This gap is to facilitate the removal of water during installation and also to ensure that the window film allows for proper adhesion to the glass without any subsequent peeling or lifting.

In some cases, consumers complain about the light gap around the frames because the film is stopping 95% of the light. However, that slight gap allows 100% of the light to come through. Unfortunately this is a reality and there is not much window film companies can do about it. In numerous cases we recommend to the consumer to apply some black silicone on the outside edges of the window to block that light. If the silicone is installed neatly utilising tape as an edge, the installation has a much better look and one does not notice the light gaps.

When it comes to skylights, in some cases the glass is installed utilising a rubber beading holding the glass. When applying a film, installers rely on the beading to act as a straight edge. However, if the beading is soft, the beading tends to move during installation, creating an uneven cut. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about this and should this be unacceptable, one could always take the glass out and apply the film right to the edges. In most cases this is not economical and the silicone method is still the better option.

Grey 5 High Performance or non reflective film offers a 99% block on ultra violet radiation, giving the best protection against fading of fabrics and furnishings. Grey 5 non reflective has a 45% total solar energy rejection which will also help to keep premises cooler.

All films are available with a scratch resistant coating as well as independent testing procedures which are available from our technical department

Performance data on non reflective either in Charcoal or Grey 5

  • Total solar transmitted (allows in) 39%
  • Total solar reflected 7%
  • Total solar absorbed 54%
  • Visible light transmitted (allows in) 5%
  • Visible light reflected 5%
  • Winter U value (keeps in) 1.15
  • Ultra violet transmission (allows in) 1%
  • Shading co-efficient .63
  • Total solar energy rejected 45%

These films come with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesion. This adhesion system has good optical clarity and high performance and will last for years. This aggressive adhesion will help to hold the glass together when smashed.

Should you require to view any of our other non reflective films please view our article page on our website


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