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Architects & Engineers Favour Window Film

Architects and Engineers Favour Window Film


Most Architects are concerned with the aesthetics of their buildings first and the mechanical functions second. Architects leave this mechanical portion up to mechanical engineers. In modern times mechanical engineers favour “green technology” as the world encounters global warming as well as the emphasis on the reduction of carbon footprint.

However, Architects act most favourably to Klingshield’s reflective films. Klingshield’s reflective films allow complete freedom of design in all areas. Window film is a functional product and will help eliminate tenants moving in and out by giving them a maximum comfort zone and control over the sun. As far as design is concerned it also improves the aesthetics because the building has one reflective look instead of various other types of shading products.

Klingshield Professionals

Architects today prefer to use plain glass with a reflective film as tinted glass does not offer the same degree of solar protection as Klingshield’s solar control window film. When approaching Architects, one needs to emphasise the aesthetics and functional aspects of the film and once he sees a practical test, he is hooked!

Practical testing equipment is available to professional window film consultants to enable them to do testing of various films showing the UV reduction, the visible light reduction, as well as the infra red (heat) reduction. This vital equipment is available to all Klingshield consultants in order for them to demonstrate the value and reduction in heat glare and fading of furnishings.

Ton-Hour Savings and Percentage

Klingshield’s sun control window film is the key to energy conservation. This is the simple truth. Sun control window film helps conserve energy by reducing the heat and glare coming through windows by as much as 91%. In these days of high fuel prices and shortages, it makes sense to take advantage of the amazing properties of KIingshield’s sun control window film to help alleviate this crisis.

One needs to stretch heating and airconditioning spend and solve your comfort problems too. Note: A 3m x 3m square area (9 sq. metre area) of a sun facing window installed with sun control window film can equal up to one and a quarter tons of airconditioning.

Office Buildings

To maximise the opportunity of applying window film to office buildings, one needs to be in touch with the correct contact person – building owners, managers, engineers or the maintenance department. There are three major functions that sun control film will do for a building owner.

It will eliminate up 91% of the heat, 88% of the glare and up to 99.5% of the ultra violet light.

Costs of airconditioning can be drastically reduced and the time between maintenance and downtime of airconditioning can be extended. All of these functions add up to money saved for the building owner.

Klingshield Everywhere

Unhappy tenants can be made happy tenants by the installation of Klingshield’s transparent insulating films. It does not detract from the outside appearance of the building. In fact it dresses it up. The reflective material from the outside tends to eliminate the untidy look of any building, where venetian blinds are half up and half down, or the drapes across windows can be in a variety of colours, making any building look shoddy and not uniform.

If the building owner is considering awnings, drapes or venetian blinds, there is a good chance that he can eliminate all these expensive window coverings completely by rather using transparent window film. It is also likely that all these window coverings on a square metre basis will be more expensive than Klingshield’s sun control window film.

Neutral Film

Many companies have committed to “going green” and are removing drapes, venetian blinds, as well as exterior screening and replacing them with high tech ceramic transparent sun control window film. There are also less maintenance problems with window film, as there are with other solar control devices. Venetian blinds collect dust and dirt and have to be taken down to be cleaned. They also look unsightly when bent. Maintenance of venetian blinds is expensive. The same problems occur with awnings, as well as they do not offer protection against solar control consistently.

A high or low angle sun or reflective light and heat are normally exposed through these devices. A thought to keep in mind when calling on building owners is to advise them that their windows were installed for a specific purpose or reason. This purpose or reason usually involves VVL (visibility, ventilation and light). However, they do cause serious sun control problems because of transferred heat, ultra violet and glare.

High Performance Neutral

Klingshield sun control window films offer all the VVL advantages and at the same time, acts as an effective method of controlling the solar energy spectrum.

Where office buildings are set side by side, privacy is an important point and Klingshield sun control reflective film will solve this problem. The tenant sitting across the way in another building will no longer have a view into your offices.

For more information on commercial window tinting and how the smartest buildings wear Klingshield’s window film, please contact us.


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