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The Art of Good Training

The Art of Good Training with Klingshield

 The Training Academy for installations of window film to car windows is provided by Klingshield at their Head Office in Johannesburg every week,for all new agents and existing agents who require to train new installers.
Furthermore the company also offers training for flat glass installations.  This training is carried out by our Installations Manager, Job Mojopela.  The training is done in real live situations at our tinting centre and not in a simulated training school as other companies do.  Klingshield focuses on real strong practical training and learners can either practice on their own cars or on our company cars, over and over again until they perfect it.
The company has recently expanded it's training to cover selling, marketing, advertising and business administration.
Leon Levy the CEO, runs the school himself to make sure all students get the best training in all aspects of the business. It is important that our students all succeed, as the better they do the better we do.

Sun Stopper

It is a “win win” for all.  We are not like other companies who give you the products and throw you into the Lions den and hope you succeed.  We make sure you know how to get started and you succeed. The training normally takes at least a week and is free of charge.  We as a company are anti-franchise and we do not charge a cent for our name or training.
The only criteria is that we only accept serious businesses with good track records and who have honest dealings.
To succeed we need to educate and students need to absorb all the information and take a test before qualifying.  When our students leave us we give them practice film to make it possible for them to do their friends cars in order for them to get extra practice, as in this business “practice makes perfect”.
We also supply a complete range of brochures , samples and formats to ensure they use platform's to run their business as they have been taught.
Window film and tinting is a sofisticate product and klingshield with it's forty years of experience passes all it's experience to it's agents and we Boasts  a 100 percent success record .
All or other products  in the Klingshield range are also explained in detail to all learners and new agents.

Further information on our training academy is available by contacting Leon Levy at the Klingshield Head Office