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Paint Protection For Bad Road Conditions

Bad Road Conditions Necessitate Use of “Paint Protection”

Our road conditions have deteriorated drastically over the past few years due to the ever increasing number of cars. Poor road conditions cause damage to the certainr areas of motor cars, i.e. bumpers, headlights, fenders and front bonnets.

More and more consumers are taking advantage of the new “paint protection” polyurethane product which has been launched on to the world market recently. This resulted in “paint protection” being the number one most interesting product at the American motor show. With the ever increasing price of vehicles, consumers realise the need to protect these very expensive investments.

Klingshield has launched it’s paint protection film under the brand name of “Stone-Shield”. There are approximately five manufacturers in the U.S.A. of this product today and Klingshield has tested all the various products and have decided to utilise the most expensive one as the optical clarity is superb. Some paint protection products have “orange peel” which deteriorates the final finish of the product.

Klingshield has mastered the application of “Stone-Shield” which is 200 microns thick. The application of “Stone-Shield” to bodywork of a vehicle is far more complicated and difficult than the application of window film. This is a specialised installation which Klingshield has now mastered. It is virtually invisible once applied.

Klingshield’s “Stone-Shield” has been designed with excellent optics and a special formulated removable adhesion system. Should the owner of a car wish to sell the car many years down the road, he can simply peel off the paint protection coating and the surface will remain undamaged and look brand new, with no scratches from potholes and bad road surfaces.

Potholes in South Africa are a major problem and more and more Panelbeaters are reporting consumers bringing cars in to repair paintwork damaged from debris and bad road surfaces. New franchises for spraypainting for scratches, etc. are opening up at a fast rate due to this problem.

Spray painting costs are extremely high. However, once completed and back on the road, the vehicle is once again subject to the same problem. “Stone-Shield” protects your paintwork indefinitely and comes with a 7 year warranty. Numerous vehicle owners are taking advantage of this amazing product which was developed by the United States Airforce for protection on helicopter blades. Large investments were made by the US Government for the development of these products.

Paint protection is also used on motorbikes for the same reason. The other day Stone-Shield was applied to a car for a paraplegic, who had a problem when loading and unloading his wheelchair. Scratches were appearing all over the car from the wheelchair and a wise decision was made by this car owner to “Stone-Shield” certain parts of the car that were affected by the wear and tear.

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