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Bathroom Windows Window Films

Klingshield Window Film Plays an Important Role in Bathroom Décor

Over the past 40 years Klingshield products have been used in thousands of bathrooms throughout the country for various reasons. Home fashion experts have utilised Klingshield's window film by using imagination and ingenuity to doll up a bathroom with colours and patterns.

A bathroom is a space for relaxation and enjoyment and much detail goes into dressing up the space that is normally situated next to main bedrooms.

Homeowners are also coming up with their own ideas in a stylish and trendy way. Bathrooms play an important role for new homebuyers who take special note of the comforts of a bathroom.

Klingshield sales consultants are always attending to detail by utilising sandblast translucent films on windows facing outside. White translucent film allows ample light in, at the same time offering privacy from the outside day and night. Some clients want borders cut to create a graphic look.

Klingshield’s sandblast translucent films are more practical than real sand blast as the film does not become see-through when wet for whatever reason. However, sandblast glass does become see-through which is not practical should neighbours have full view of a naked body in the bathroom!

Stained glass style window film with designs of swans have also been popular when offering privacy and creative art in one application of window film. Rainbow coloured window film on shower enclosures have been utilised in shades of blue, red, green, yellow and white.

Glass Frosting

In a number of bathrooms designers often use skylights which look very pleasing but are not very practical . Bathrooms turn into Saunas from the direct sunlight during the day and Klingshield’s highly reflective high performing window film is used in many bathrooms to give owners the relief they are looking for from the intense solar energy from the direct sunlight. Consumers enjoy the window film as it allows one to look out at the sky in the daytime without the heat pouring through the glass skylight.

Reflective films are also used on partitions to give the desired effect and privacy. Klingshield window films also strengthen the glass, improving the shatter resistance of the glass should any one slip in the bathroom and fall against the glass. Klingshield safety window film holds glass together and is classified under South African Buereau of Standards specifications for safety glazing.

Another Klingshield product is their Kleenshield liquid coating which coats glass and helps it remain clean and clear thereby reducing the cleaning of glass which is a housewife’s worst chore.

Other hand-cut art work can be designed and applied to other glass areas in bathrooms by Klingshield Art Department without any limits. Before and after visual pictures can be shown to clients to get final approval to give the custom look they are after. Most home owners want to make their bathrooms show pieces. In many cases expense is no problem.

Assuming statistics are correct, it's safe to assume that bathrooms are now getting larger parts of remodelling budgets. Consumers are paying more attention to the improvement Klingshield can make, to the look and feel of their bathrooms. Colour and décor in our homes are strong motives in our daily lives as well as fashion moves.

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