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Beware of Window Film Companies That Offer Cheap Prices

Empty promises Beware, the Deal Sounds Too Good !

When it comes to getting quotes for window film installations sometimes the lowest prices quoted could be detrimental to you or your company. You could end up being a victim for a potential bad buy.

Unlike branded products, the companies might apply an inferior quality product with a below average installation. When it comes to a problem such as the product beginning to bubble or change colour, the supplier could have closed down or ignore your telephone calls regarding the warranty claim and the problem ends up having to be sorted out at your own expense. Other companies will advise you that you used the wrong cleaning product and they are not responsible.

Window film companies have closed down because they were charging the lowest price and when it came to standing by their product when a problem arose, there were no back-up funds. You got the lowest price but now you have egg on your face as you can no longer see clearly out your windows!

Therefore let the lesson be learnt that the lowest price does not offer you the wisest move.

Consumers over the years have become extremely careful about who they give their money to and you can't blame them. Everybody wants a fair deal - "low risk and good value”.

Our company Klingshield offers the best products we believe are available on the international market and we also test all our products for all round performance to ensure that when the installation is completed we will not have to go back on a product failure as that hurts us and spoils our name. No company can remain in business unless things are done in the correct manner.

Another factor to bear in mind when dealing with Klingshield is that Klingshield stands behind it's products and not the manufacturers who are usually out of the country. A lot of window film companies offer you a manufacturers warranty and when something goes wrong they tell you to contact the manufacturer. This is called “Passing the Buck”.

It must also be borne in mind that some companies only warrant the product and not the installation and when the s..t hits the fan the company advises you that they will replace the film and then wack you a s..t load for the installation. Watch out for these slick operators who give you so called “fantastic deals” !

There are many ways to skin a cat so don't become the cat.

Klingshield has an insurance policy for defective products and workmanship so that if a disaster happens we have back up. Disasters happen all the time with product recall and one needs to have peace of mind as the biggest of the biggest brands have product failure .

When one sums it all up, what can one do when they have been taken for a ride . Going to court or waiting for the consumer council to act after you have made a bad buy is an exercise in futility. The best defence is to pay a little more and deal with a household name that has been around the block and in business for a considerable time. Investigate carefully before parting with that valuable cash that everybody is after. Check the company’s references and don't let cowboy salesmen pull the wool over your eyes.


beware of dicey window film dealers