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Birds flying into glass

Birds flying into glass

Birds flying into glass

Klingshield News
Johannesburg South Africa August 2011

Numerous consumers call our office seeking advice on ways to stop birds flying into their windows. Millions of birds are killed annually worldwide by flying into glass windows. To see this happen and to hear the crashing thump is not a pleasant experience!

The reason this happens is that the reflection on glass of the clouds and sky appears as an open space and this is what the birds visually see. This is a major problem and glass manufacturers in Germany have developed special glass with an invisible pattern which is only visible to birds. This new product can reduce the bird death rate by 70% according to latest studies.

Window shades make glass surfaces less reflective and can reduce this problem. Clear and very clean glass adds to the problem.

Another solution is to adhere stickers with pictures of scarecrows or other birds, on to the windows . This has proved to be successful. Moving mobile reflectors which shimmer and move in the wind is also another idea which is being used.

Windows designed at an angle do not seem to confuse birds. In the USA it is estimated 100 million birds die annually flying into windows.

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