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Bloemfontein Window Film

WIndow Film for Bloemfontien

Bloemfontein and its surrounding areas have extremely hot summer days with temperatures reaching 39 deg. C/102 deg. F. Bloemfontein experiences very cold winter evenings.

Building owners, Managers, Engineers and Farmers all understand the value of what reflective film will do for a building. Klingshield reflective solar film will eliminate 91% of the heat, 88% of the glare and up to 99% of the ultra violet light.

Klingshield applied to windows, reduces the cost of airconditioning and maintenance and the downtime in airconditioning units can be extended. All these add up to a rand saving for owners. Building owners can make a tenant happy with the installation of our exclusive new Nano Technology window film. It does not detract from the outside appearance of the building, in fact it dresses it up. Neither does it obscure the vision from the inside.

The South African Machinery Act calls for all employers to safeguard their employee’s eyes from direct sunlight in working spaces. The new introduction of the Safety Glass Act also calls for all glass areas in food manufacturing, to be turned into safety glass. These glass areas can cause many problems for food manufacturers, as once glass breaks and falls into food production, the companies could be in for large liability costs.

Making glass safe during a strike or rioting situation, is important in large cities throughout South Africa as we experience much unrest due to unhappy workers throughout Africa.

Going green plays a very important role in the commitment of African countries to reduce carbon footprint and the reduction in use of power. Window film stops heat, glare and fading.

Klingshield’s window film is a much cheaper alternative than awnings, blinds, screens and venetian or roller blinds.

The consumers of the Free State Province now have the opportunity to purchase window film direct from the source. Klingshield offers window film kits cut to size, with complete installation manuals as well as a free roll of practice film to ensure you do a perfect job.

Klingshield has reduced the price of window film by cutting out the middleman and are now able to offer superior products of window film at affordable prices.

Should you require any further information on our range of window film products please contact us.


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