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Bright Sun and Driving

Bright Sun while Driving

Many “accident” law suits take place every year in the United States of America resulting from glare through car windows from the direct sunlight as well as bright lights from car headlights that dazzle drivers and cause horrific accidents killing and injuring people.

Glare is also known as sun dazzle, which can cause temporary blindness. Evaluating the strength of the sun involves many factors such as latitude, longitude, weather conditions, road directions, type and style of vehicle, driving position and the transmission of sunlight that passes through the glazing.

Driving into direct sunlight can be very dangerous when sitting behind the wheel. Sunlight can penetrate from the side windows or the front windscreen of the vehicle. Most people need to wear sun glasses to deal with this problem.

Sun glare is when the direct light from the sun affects our ability to see clearly. There are two types of glare - discomforting glare and disability glare.

Discomforting glare occurs when we screw up our eyes or even close them because the sunlight is far too strong for us to deal with.

Discomforting glare also occurs when we sit on a beach with strong sunlight, glare from the sea, sand, or the reflection from the ocean. In these situations our eyes always seem to adjust naturally, reducing the size of our pupils.

Disability glare reduces our visual performance and this is very dangerous whilst driving and causes many accidents. In the winter the sun glare is very low and our eyes dazzle in the morning and in the afternoon.

It is imperative that we keep the side windows and windscreen of our vehicles clean. Dirty windows add to the danger when the glare is very low.

A solution to these problems is to have Klingshield sun control window film fitted. A medium tint can reduce glare by 65% on side windows and is perfectly legal in most countries. The window tint is applied to the inside of the glass and will last for years.

As for front windscreens, Klingshield has a special Nano technology window film that is virtually clear but reduces the majority of heat from coming into the car and cuts the glare by 33%. This product is becoming very popular and is recommended by eye specialists worldwide.

Klingshield has been installing sun control safety film to cars for decades to reduce sun light and also to turn car windows into shatterproof windows to act as a protection against smash and grab attackers. These combination window films are fitted to most cars in South Africa before new cars are delivered. With the number of attacks and smash and grabs that occur in South Africa, which is one of the crime capitals of the world, it is imperative to take these precautions.

For further information on window tinting, smash and grab safety films and our other products please contact us.