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A film worth seeing in Cape Town

Klingshield Cape Town

Worldwide people are extremely energy conscious at the present time. A great deal of thought and planning is now given to the insulation of offices blocks, industrial buildings and homes. In South Africa more and more Architects, Town Planners, Structural Engineers, are committed and aware of the necessity to control the heat in and around glass.

Thermal transmissions, known as BTU (British Thermal Units) value is a measurement of heat flow. Klingshield has embarked through it’s research and development department at its window testing farm where all glass with film is exposed to direct sunlight at 45 degree angles all day long. The difference between ordinary glass and treated glass is measured for overall performance and longevity.

It can be proved that ordinary glass allows more thermal transmission than glass treated with Klingshield’s solar control window films. Ordinary glass permits 200 BTU’s through and treated glass with Klingshield’s highest performing film only allows 50 BTU’s through.

Klingshield solar film works like this – in summer the heat rays are reflected away from the window resulting in a cooler temperatures inside. If airconditioning is used it can be more efficiently and economically maintained. It’s use may even be totally eliminated. Glare too, which can be blinding, can also be eliminated or at least cut by 88%.

Klingshield is available all over South Africa. In-house window film consultants are available to give advice on the correct film to solve any window related problems. Klingshield sun guard window tinting is also a transparent film which bonds with glass and once installed, is barely visible. Reflective film gives privacy by acting as a one-way mirror is also available. All Klingshield’s window films have shatter resistant qualities.

All Klingshield window films are now available in do-it-yourself, cut to size window film kits, complete with full instruction manual, a roll of practice film to make sure you are ready to tackle the task ahead. Handymen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts all over the country, easily apply film with great success.

Why pay more to your local window film installer when you can get a better product at a lower price direct from the originators of window film in South Africa.

For further information view our website or measure your windows, complete our contact form in full to enable our consultants to choose the correct film for your window related problems.


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High performance window film reduces the temperature inside of buildings,
creating a stable working environment.



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