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Car Headlight Protection Film

Car Headlight Protection Film

For over 45 years Klingshield the world leaders in marketing and installation of window film have been testing and researching numerous products to add to it’s existing range.

Paint protection polyurethane film is now available from Klingshield for headlights for all types of motor cars. After many years of testing, Klingshield now sells its headlamp protection film with confidence, as it is highly durable and will not deteriorate over time.

With increasing costs of replacing headlamp assemblies due to damage from rocks, road debris, road salt, sand and stones on rough road conditions, Stone-Shield’s high performance adhesive clear coated polyurethyane film headlight protection film is designed to protect all automotive paint and other surfaces and will keep headlamps looking good for the life of the car.

At the present time headlamp film is available in a transparent 300 micron thick. Klingshield’s Stone-Shield polyurethane headlamp protection film prevents discolouring and oxidization caused by UV rays.

Should the product get damaged for any reason due to wear and tear, it can be replaced quickly.

Stone-Shield protective film has exceptional longevity properties and can be applied by Klingshield’s trained applicators and is a single piece installation.

Stone-Shield protective film will not yellow and discolour and offers great resistance to the environment and shatterproofs headlamps. The Stone-Shield film has been designed for optimum protection while being virtually invisible once applied to the vehicle.

Stone-Shield protective is coated with ultra clear UV barriers and has a heavy coated acrylic adhesive which allows it to stick to a broad range of surfaces and offers excellent scratch resistant and abrasive resistant properties with high wear and tear qualities.

After application Stone-Shield is coated with a sealant to protect the protective film. When exposed to UV light the sealant forms a hardened barrier that completely seals the pores of the film reducing the absorption of contamination, pollution, dirt, tar and pollen.

Stone-Shield carries a seven year manufacturers guarantee. Maintenance is the same as the rest of the car and Stone-Shield can be waxed and washed in the normal way you would wash your car.

For further information on Stone-Shield protection for paint surfaces of your car please contact us.

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