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Coca Cola and Klingshield

“Coca Cola does Klingshield”

Klingshield, the number one window film company in South Africa feels honoured and is also proud to be able to service a company like Coca Cola. Over the last number of years Coca Cola has been sending all their new vehicles to Klingshield for “Smash & Grab” protection.

Coke care about their people and want to ensure that no harm comes to them. They do everything they can to protect their staff, which shows what a wise corporation feels about their personnel.

Unexpected attacks on vehicles create both emotional and financial burdens and the best way to protect motorists is by ensuring that all windows on their cars are protected with 100 micron “smash and grab” solar safety window film.

It makes sense to protect one’s staff as any smart business man will realise that their business is only as good as their staff. Senior management need to be protected as they hold vital information and intellectual property that belongs to companies.

Klingshield “smash and grab” window film is affordable protection for vehicles and numerous other companies are also taking advantage of the smash and grab safety film offers for all car windows. Companies like Eskom, Novartis, government departments, have been utilising Klingshield’s service and products over decades.

Klingshield smash and grab window films comes in clear for vehicles with factory fitted tinted or privacy windows.

High performance “smash and grab” films are also available and are constructed from layers of micro thin high clarity polyester with various special coatings. Advanced engineering techniques are used by either polyester dying impregnation or special vacuum processes. Clear films are laminated to dyed films and metallised films in the make up of ultra thick smash and grab safety films.

Special performance characteristics are achieved by laminating dyed and metallised films. Therefore, “smash and grab” window film not only offer safety and security by holding the glass together under impact, but it also reduces the amount of sunlight radiating through glass areas in cars.

When the heat is on, Coca Cola’s vehicles treated with Klingshield solar safety “smash and grab” window film, stays cools as the film absorbs and reflects the sunlight, creating a cooler interior temperature.

Car Windows with Klingshield

These multi functional “smash and grab” films give the Coca Cola vehicles a slick look and also offers drivers glare free comfort.

The legal limit of 35% which is applied to cars, reduces glare by 65% making daytime and night time driving glare free.

Extensive use of window protection also guards against harmful ultra violet rays which is the main cause of upholstery fading. Klingshield’s ultra thick “smash and grab” window films are not bullet proof, however they reduce the force of a bullet and lower the risk of injuries to humans. It is extremely difficult for the average type “smash and grab” criminal to penetrate a window that has been treated with Klingshield’s smash and grab window film.

Klingshield also now applies a new Nano Ceramic technology window film to windscreens to reduce the interior temperature of vehicles. This film also reinforces the front windscreen and when struck with a heavy iron bar the film will hold and prevent splinters of glass harming the vehicle’s occupants.

“Smash and Grab window film buys time and gives drivers an opportunity to get away. It is also difficult for vandals to see inside the car, although the driver can see out clearly. That in itself is a strong deterrent to attackers in the first plac

If a vehicle is hit by a petrol bomb, Klingshield smash and grab will act as a heat barrier until the flames die down. In stoning incidents, which frequently occur in various parts of South Africa, it is essential to protect car windows from stone penetration.

For further information on various types and styles of multi functional “smash and grab” window film, please view our Klingshield video on YouTube - Ultra thick smash and grab.