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Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

Klingshield commercial is ready to go to work for you right away. It works to protect you and your people. Klingshield solar safety window film is the ultimate in user friendly window treatments.

The special solar control properties of Klingshield window film make work places cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Comfortable workers are happy workers and happy workers create more productivity.

Klingshield reflective solar films on commercial buildings, offers a clean and uniform appearance and also helps protect against fragile stock being damaged on production lines.

Klingshield’s window film works for your bottom line. If you can make a return on an investment, that makes good business sense. Klingshield’s commercial range of window films can achieve this. One will notice an immediately measurable reduction in energy costs. Your people’s productivity will improve as well as their comfort zone. All this will reflect in your bottom line.

As for a taxable write off, your Accountant will have a legitimate capital expense by your installing Klingshield’s commercial window film as an ongoing money saver. The savings on energy costs can be shown to your Accountant.

Klingshield’s commercial films also help to enhance your image by giving your building a uniform look. Designer films can also turn any glass surface in your building into a corporate statement with logos handcut or computer cut, to offer a corporate look.

You can for example select your company logo and a design in any format which will reflect your company’s image, trademark or traditional format whether abstract, modern or contemporary. One can even create their own original design. Klingshield’s translucent sandblast films offer privacy and are very fashionable, at the same time offering distinguishable workplace décor.

Klingshield’s safety solar window film protects you from intruders and smash and grab attacks. Thugs and thieves like windows that offer little or no resistance. It makes their job easier and quicker. As we know, crime is on the up, especially here in the crime capital of the world.

Klingshield’s thick security films reinforce and help resist forced entry and smash and grab via the glazing area. The safety film acts as a 24 hour security guard and can be clear or tinted as required by the customer. Should the customer select the tinted film it will also help to reduce fading of merchandise.

It makes good sense for certain areas in commercial buildings that are easy entry points for burglaries, to be applied with Klingshield’s thick safety film. Windows facing the road, front and rear glass doors, concealed areas with windows and glass doors that are easily accessible to be would-be burglars should be fitted with Klingshield’s thick safety film.

Klingshield solar control film protects workers from direct ultra violet light and glare from the sun as required in the Machineries Act. It also protects office furnishings and plant that is exposed to the strong South African sunlight conditions.

Going green is important in today’s world and most commercial companies have given commitments to reducing and conserving energy in commercial buildings, showrooms, retail outlets and factory units. Klingshield safety film also provides a high degree of safety in high traffic areas and certain films provide a screen against electronic industrial espionage.

Klingshield’s commercial range of film has been developed over the last 40 years and today we have the leading edge I research development with much experience in protection of commercial buildings in South Africa.

In showrooms or retail stores Klingshield protects your furnishings from sun damage. Big windows are terrific for display purposes and make merchandising sense. The trouble is they allow in an excess amount of heat, glare and UV.
Klingshield’s commercial window film range solves these hassles and protects your stock from fading while protecting your carpets and furnishings.

Certain Klingshield solar film also protects sensitive computer equipment. Once applied the film will not obscure your view in or out, at all.

Are you aware that carpets and furnishings can fade dramatically in just one season. Put Klingshield on your payroll now to create happier people with more productivity, reducing electricity bills, having an all round safer and more pleasant productive workplace. Klingshield commercial films are ready to work for you right now.

Contact us and have a consultant come out and offer you a no obligation presentation and quote.