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Window Tinting Special Requirements

Commercial Window Tinting Calls for Special Requirements

In the past, obtaining an order to supply Klingshield’s solar control window films to major companies within South Africa was a very simple exercise.

In today’s times, a lot of new rules and regulations have come into play when dealing with top South African conglomerates.

We were called in by a Mining House as they required our services to remove and replace window film installations that were completed by our company some 25 years ago. They requested to see the owner of Klingshield at their premises as they wanted to discuss certain aspects of the installation.

The security when going into the premises, was very thorough. Identification was required by each member as well as screening processes and the removal of cell phones to ensure that photographs could not be taken. We were ushered to the Chief Safety Officer and were asked to initial a document which basically put the onus on Klingshield should anything go wrong on their premises.

The Safety Officer continued to explain the code of conduct which is required when workers enter their premises. All tools required for the installation of the window film need to be listed and in perfect working order as they will be checked when the workers come on site. If the inspectors are not satisfied with the condition of the tools, the workers will be dismissed.

All workers will need to sign an undertaking that they understand the contractor’s code of conduct, as well as the contractor’s rule book which was given to us and needed to be completed. All workers require hard hats and special boots when working on the premises.

Risk assessment forms have to be filled in and completed, showing what precautions we as a company would take to reduce the risk when working on the premises. i.e. ladders need to be anchored on to the wall or require a man holding the ladder while workers are installing the film. If the window is higher than 2 metres a scaffolding will need to be erected and each worker would need a harness to ensure that should an accident occur, the necessary safety precautions have been taken.

We were also advised that when installing safety film on high windows, a labour inspector needs to examine the construction to ensure safety and issue a safety and compliance certificate.

A report by our company on what training our staff have been through and what certificates they hold in conjunction with the application of window film to glass was also called for.

A current and up to date letter of good standing from Workers Compensation is also a requirement of theirs.

A letter confirming that all taxes have been paid to the Receiver of Revenue is another requirement and one needs to obtain a certificate as proof of this.

Although we have been doing work for them for the last 35 years, another requirement from them is a business profile, explaining the activities of Klingshield.

Last but not least, to be able to carry out work for some major companies in South Africa, a liability cover insurance of at least R2m is also required.

In the old days doing business was merely on a handshake. However, today one has to go through all this red tape, which makes life very difficult. Klingshield as a company understand that with the labour laws, most companies need to cover their back and reduce their risk when doing business.