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Alternative Suppliers

Smart Businessman Always Have Alternative Sources for Products

Numerous window film manufacturers have a policy of a sole and exclusive arrangement with their customers

The Llumar and Suntech brands usually insist that their customers only buy their products, however this is a disadvantage to the window film distributor as not all products manufactured by Llumar are suitable for all applications.


Alternative suppliers


Klingshield as a company, has chosen to market its own brand and buy on the open market, the best products available from each manufacturer.
These products are sold on a plain label arrangement and branded under the name of Klingshield.

This enables Klingshield to sell the best product at the most favourable price because branded products are expensive as you are paying for the brand.

Klingshield not only offers the customers the best branded products at the lowest prices but also offers a unique service of cutting the film to size for each installation.

The advantages of this exercise are numerous and displayed below is a leaflet sent out to all window film installers throughout South Africa.

Click on the video below to obtain more information about the history of the window film company- Klingshield


History of Klingshield