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High Risk Activities While Driving

Using a Cellphone while driving is very dangerous indeed

Safety window film on car windows should be a priority today with the ever increasing number of people participating in cyber space activities in this modern world. With all the advances in mobile technology i.e. IPhones, Android phones, etc.

More and more motorists are using their mobile phones whilst on the move in their vehicles. All these activities take their concentration off the road and the results are more accidents, creating a more dangerous environment. Insurance companies are seeing the increase in vehicle accident claims and are racking their brains as to how to put measures in place to deal with this problem.

Although laws are in place in many countries, this in most cases only deals with chatting on phones. These laws in some cases don't deal with other activities such as typing messages, searching, etc.

Only yesterday it was reported in the media that a man lost his license and has been banned from driving for 12 months. Police spotted the motorist driving with his knees as he made a phone call with one hand and sent a text with another phone in the other hand. He was caught in a road block blitz when officers pulled him over and still had to wait for him to finish his conversation as was reported to the magistrate in Norwich in England. "This exercise is known as multiple-tasking on the drive" commented the prosecutor Denis King. “The driver also had 14 points taken off his licence".

To make things worse the driver did not have any insurance. He took his sentence as being fair and said he will learn from this mistake. He was one of 239 people who had been stopped in Norfolk over a two week period. Another problem we see is drivers eating in their cars, shaving and even squeezing pimples whilst driving. All these activities create risks for pedestrians and other drivers. One might be a very careful driver but the actions of other drivers can cause death or injury to others. With the dangers associated to all these activities it makes very good sense for car owners to shatterproof all their car windows.

Klingshield safety film applied to the glass will make your car a safer place to be in should it be involved in a collision. Safety window film holds the glass intact when smashed and will reduce the injuries caused by flying glass. The product can also withstand U attacks which are becoming a worldwide problem.

Windscreen protection is now available at Klingshield. This new Nano protection window film is very light but yet it stops most of the heat from entering into the interior of the car. The windscreen film will also reduce the day and night time glare making driving safer. The window film will give the windscreen extra penetration resistance should an object be thrown at the windshield.

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