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Look of the Company Vehicle

The Corporate Look of the Company Vehicle

Transport Managers should utilise the opportunity of creating an image for their company and be made aware that good signage on vehicles is a moving billboard for any company who understands the value of branding.

Cars and vans driving around the city should have the company’s corporate look, logo styles and corporate colours. The phone number should be very clearly displayed as well as the website address, which is very important in the cyberspace world and the graphic design on the vehicle should be professionally laid out to ensure that the vehicle creates a positive image to the consumer.

Vehicles should be kept clean at all times and driven with respect, caring for others on the road.

Obviously the tinting on the windows will be an example of the quality work the company does, so it is important to make sure that it is a first class job. Each vehicle should have one person responsible for the maintenance and caring thereof.

Smart businessmen realise the value of corporate vehicles and ensure that their vehicles look good at all times. All large corporate companies have strong corporate vehicle identity driving through various cities worldwide. The likes of Coca Cola, Apple, Google, Nike, Reebok, all follow this pattern as they appreciate the value this exercise does to reinforce each and everyone’s brand.

Some smart companies worldwide even pay consumers commission to drive their cars with corporate logos on back windows. Students around the world are given opportunity to reduce their car payments by carrying advertising for various companies. This concept has proved very successful and certain entrepreneurs have realised the benefits this novel idea has for them.

There are many other possibilities to utilise transport in improving and creating brand awareness that have been taken advantage of by many smart businessmen.



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