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Klingshield Advertising

Innovative Ways to Create Business in the Window Film Industry

As discussed previously in our articles, advertising or marketing can either make or break a company. With the cost of advertising today, one has to ensure that they get maximum mileage for the amount of money spent.

After almost 4 decades of marketing and advertising window film, one learns the lessons and gains experience when the responsibility lies on the Marketing Director’s head to increase sales. Every company needs to increase sales as the business grows and expenses go up.

Marketing and advertising is a definite science and one has to have experience in order to ensure that the company gets the best return.

From experience, the layout and design of the advertising piece needs to stand out from the rest to bring the message across to the consumer.

Window film, being such a diversified product available for offices, homes and cars is broken up into two segments – “The Sun Stopper” and “The Life Saver”.

Over the years some interesting testing and experiments have been carried out by Klingshield in various media. Virtually every kind of print media available has been tested and my philosophy over the years has been to place emphasis on direct response advertising rather brand awareness.

When dealing with print media and direct response marketing one needs to understand the most important contributing factor, which in my opinion, is how many copies are printed and circulated.

stop sun advert

To cover the spectrum of window film, the biggest market is obviously the commercial market, which includes buildings owned by government and commercial enterprises. To get a message across to this segment of the market one needs to make sure that the message is published in all commercial and industrial publications.

The next market must be the residential market which can be covered via free give-away home improvement magazines, which specialise in all products related to the home. These free give-away magazines have proved very successful at reaching the domestic market across a wide area of our target market.

The vehicle market available to Klingshield is also a huge market and is broken up into two segments. The dealership market, which is a direct face to face PR exercise and the retail market, which can be covered by auto trader and motoring magazines which feature weekly in most major newspapers.

In our follow-up articles more emphasis will be laid down on the uniqueness of Klingshield’s marketing and advertising material.

For further information on how to market and advertise a window film company to create more sales, which obviously is the bottom line, please contact us.