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Window Film Customer Service

Customer Service by Window Film Companies

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. Without them we do not have a business. It is that simple, yet very important statement. How often do company staff abuse this most basic and simple rule of business? Some staff find customers an interruption to their working routine.



Extend courtesy and dignity to your customers at all times and remember anyone and everyone is a prospective customer. Treat your suppliers and your customers the same way you would like to be treated. Handle your customers properly and with absolute respect.If you do happen to create a problem or damage any of their property, do not hide it, be honest and upfront. If you try to cover it up or neglect to tell your customer they will find out and the result from one bad job will create 10 other bad impressions about your company. It is so difficult to gain business and yet so simple to lose it. Your reputation is as good as your last delivered installation or roll of window film.

Klingshield always does the right thing to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. A problem or complaint always receives top priority and is more important to us than anything else in our business. We have an excellent reputation as well as thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers who keep coming back for more and this is what has kept us in business for so many years


Customers sometimes have fears, either valid or perceived, about window film. They may have seen or heard about bubbling, peeling film jobs, full of dust and impurities and they believe that the film does not do what it claims. Unless you know that they have fears and the reason why they have them, and of course the answers to any doubt, you will have a hard time winning the business. One needs to learn one’s product inside out, back to front and listen and recomend the correct product to solve the cutomers problem. Our testimonial page on our website shows credibility as well as professionalism by Klingshield. The Independent Dundee report proves how much the reduction in temperature inside a building can be achieved by using Klingshield’s solar films.

At all times offer your customer excellent value for money with longevity products. Endeavour to give them first class service and the best quality products money can buy. Always try to give the customer more than they expect and a little more than they pay for. Everyone loves getting something for nothing. For example, if a customer has his car windows applied with smash & grab safety film, always make sure the car is shining clean. They will tend to be less critical about the finished application and they will also be getting more than they expect – a car shining like a new pin.

Follow Up

Ring customers back after a couple of weeks, no more than a month. Ask them if they are satisfied with the installation and answer any queries they might have. Always be pleasant and helpful towards your customer.
You will also get the opportunity to ask if they require any of the other Klingshield range of products or perhaps one of their friends might have expressed an interest in Klingshield’s product range and they could become a potential customer.


A large portion of our established business comes from referrals. Offer a quality product backed with excellent service and a guarantee on product and workmanship and you are virtually guaranteed to be successful.

For further information on our product range, please feel free to view our website or contact us.