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Do It Yourself Film Kits for Cars


Most people have seen expensive cars driving around cities all over the world with tinted or smoked car windows. Before window film came onto the market in the early 70’s, huge amounts of money were paid out to provide a customised appearance.

Klingshield’s solar safety car window films now allow everybody to achieve that same effect with the minimum of fuss and expense. Unlike custom-tinted windows, Klingshield’s Sun-Guard safety semi-reflective car window films come in neutrals, greys and bronze tints, offering motorists not only the chance to customise their cars, but to increase their personal comfort and safety. All Klingshield’s Sun-Guard safety window films contain ultra violet barriers that help protect upholstery from fading, as well as controlling heat and reducing glare.

Stop the Sun

More comparative data performance is given elsewhere within our website.

For the do-it-yourself enthusiast or neighbourhood handyman, the film is easily and swiftly applied and comes in 1.524 mm widths. Klingshield’s car window film is suitable for use on all types of cars, as well as windscreens. The windscreen needs to be applied with our new Nano-Ceramic 70% light density film which adheres to the legal limits for front windscreens and stops 91% of the infra red (heat) from entering through the windscreen.

In order to estimate the amount of film required for your car, measure the windows to arrive at a square meterage figure. You can also supply us with these measurements and we can advise you how much film you would need to purchase.

Klingshield’s Sun-Gard solar safety window film is easy to clean with a chamois leather or soft cloth and requires no maintenance.


Do It Yourself