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Does Advertising Work

Marketing Value

There is an old saying “Advertising can make or break a company” and there is another old saying “A business without a sign is a sign of no business” !

Marketing and advertising play a huge role in the success of any business. This applies to the window film business as well. As the advertising and marketing person responsible for sales, one needs to analyse one’s advertising as much has changed over the past 40 years.

Consumers are short of time in this hectic world we live in and have very little time to look at adverts. If one picks up a newspaper most people read news worthy articles and tend not to even notice the advertising. It is a sad state of affairs for companies who spend huge amounts of money advertising in print media.

Gone are the days where knock and drop or free sheet advertising brings results. Klingshield used to advertise in virtually every kind of print media available to reach the domestic market. These media used to offer excellent response. Over the years our philosophy has been to place emphasis on direct response marketing rather than brand awareness. Very little dividends in terms of return on advertising investment is now a reality.

In a recent advertisement taken out in a home improvement magazine with 220 000 circulation, a very poor response was received. This advert had a designated phone number and a test was carried out. The results after one full month was a poor four phone calls from this advert. Klingshield cannot afford to waste its money on print media any longer as this results in having to increase prices to the consumer. Online advertising seems to be the way companies are advertising their products. Consumers need to realise that paid advertising on Google does not guarantee that you are dealing with the right company.
Organically listed website companies are more favoured by consumers as they have been rated due to their professional approach and understanding of a particular industry.

Stop the Glare Advert

Perhaps marketers need to realise that word of mouth is still the best form of advertising and perhaps one needs to go back to the old style salesman with a brief case who knocks on doors when they see opportunities. Old clients carry branded messages after experiencing success with a particular product. Eye to eye presentations are still the best form of carrying a message across and showing the customer exactly what the product can do for them.

We at Klingshield call upon our old customers, going as far back as 40 years to offer them replacements as some of the film has reached its “use by” date. It is amazing to know that some customers with Klingshield window film products advise us that after all these years the window film products are performing as well as the day they bought it. There is a saying “the price is long forgotten however the performance remains in place”.

Tint A Car Artwork

Should you require to know more about the approach Klingshield takes in dealing with old clients please contact us for special structures.