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Don’t Fry under Solar Flares

Don’t Fry under Solar Flares warns Scientist!

According to the South African Space Weather Centre in Hermanus, consumers need to take care when exposed to the radiation of the sun. This week four solar flares are expected to hit the earth, with many more expected over the next three years. The strength of the radiation emitted within five minutes is equivalent to being exposed to the sun for 5 hours .

These flares are gigantic balls of gas that have broken off from the sun and have a magnetic area as large as 200 kilometres, resulting in a massive amount of ultra violet light being emitted towards the earth.

Other news reports suggest that the weather is getting weirder and top scientists confirm that global warming will increase the number of droughts and floods in the future.

There has been an increase in temperature over the past years and Government and scientists have warned about unpredictable weather. Mounting concerns about weather conditions was discussed in the South African Parliament by the National Disaster Management Centre to plan for extreme weather conditions to come and ways to deal with the consequences.


stop glare


Klingshield’s space age solar control polyester window films are extremely effective in reducing radiation from the sun. These products are being used by the American Space programmes. Engineers at Kennedy Space Centre are using the film to protect flight hardware from the hazards of the sun.

Reflective films are also used for heat sealability and are draped over large hardware or wrapped around smaller components. Reflective films are also used in various parts of the space shuttle.

With window film technology improving it is also interesting to note that other products coming out of United States Government Departments offer huge opportunities within the commercial and residential markets. These products are above average and extremely innovative and high performing due to the amount of energy, effort and money poured into the research and development. Klingshield is keep a watchful eye on all new products emerging from Government, Military and Space programmes in the United States of America.

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