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Klingshield for Suzuki

Double Thick Smash & Grab for Suzuki

Suzuki, the Japanese car manufacturer who have been manufacturing cars and motorbikes for the past 100 years, have been distributing their vehicles in South Africa for the past number of years.

Klingshield are proud to be associated and delighted to be appointed the exclusive installer of it’s “double thick smash and grab” safety film on all Suzuki vehicles for our local Suzuki dealership over the past number of years. The Dealer Principal of this particular dealership made a smart decision to standardise “double thick” smash and grab safety solar films for all their vehicles. This move gives them an advantage against their competitors as most dealerships utilise a single “smash and grab” window film.

Although the “double thick” is more difficult to apply than a single smash and grab, Klingshield has mastered the application and has a zero come back rate. The film applied also has a 35% density tinted film laminated to the safety film. This combination film reduces heat and keeps the interior of the car cooler and more comfortable. It also reduces the use of airconditioning which in turn saves on petrol consumption, making the Suzuki a very economical car to drive.

“Double thick smash and grab” solar safety film also reduces glare, making day and night time driving glare free. These films also stop 99% of the ultra violet light, the main cause of interiors fading and deteriorating.
Klingshield offers Suzuki a three hour turn around time for all installations and are grateful to the Suzuki dealership for their continuous support.

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