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Double Thick Smash & Grab

Stop Thugs In Thier Tracks

Double Thick Smash & Grab

You pay for what you get and this is also applicable in the safety film laminate glass market. At Klingshield we offer various thicknesses of safety film compared to the conventional solar and safety film available on the market. Our safety films have a superior manufacturing process and are made of two or more layers of optically clear polyester film accurately bonded together to give safety film its superior strength when compared to standard safety film on the South African market.

Unlike traditional safety precautions, clear window film offers you the protection and you will feel secure without feeling locked in as you would with burglar bars. The thicker safety films offer excellent resistance to all types of violent acts, such as stoning, smash and grab attacks, explosions, and even natural disasters.

Added to the superior strength of Klingshield films at the manufacturing stage, we also offer tinted or sputtered safety film in elegant shades of neutrals and greys to beautify and improve the aesthetics of buildings.

Klingshield is not only a safety film – we also have a range of double thick solar safety films with ultra violet inhibitors which also screen out 99% of the UV rays which fade carpets, curtains and furnishings.

The amount of adhesion on our double thick film is 12 lbs/ream and has crystal clear optics and has the same characteristics as expensive solar laminated glass. Also, in the event of a fire, double thick safety film holds windows in tact much longer, giving people extra time to escape before the flames spread into that room.. When a window breaks, fresh air rushes in “to fuel the fire”.

Many tests were carried out by Klingshield throughout big cities in South Africa, testing the effects of film in fires. Interesting results were documented and results showed film does not support combustion.


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