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The effect Window Film has on Plants

The effect Window Film has on Plants

The effect Window Film has on “Plants”

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

Over the years much there has been much debate about the effect various window films have on the life or growth of plants. Many studies have been carried out over the years and according to a horticulturist, Dr. Robert E Moon of the Agricultural Extension Service, Texas A & M University, the lack of ultra violet rays does not in any way affect the natural growth of either desert or tropical plants.

The only light rays that plants require for natural growth are far reds, red and blues, and these colours are not part of the ultra violet colour spectrum.

Most tropical plants require less light and heat than they receive. Klingshield’s films will provide adequate light while reflecting significant heat build up, allowing plants to grow naturally without dying or burning leaves.

Some plants might go into a state of shock for a few days, adjusting to the new light. However, after a few weeks they should come back to life. If there is a problem due to films with maximum light rejection, one should consider moving the plants to another room.

When selecting a film, one should select a proper film to solve the various problems and should consider a 35 density film instead of a 20 density film.

Over the past 40 years we have completed thousands upon thousands of applications in homes and buildings and never had a single complaint about plants dying due to the installation of window films.