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Nissan Electric Cars

Electric Cars Moving Ahead

I have written a number of articles on the future of electric cars and have a definite passion and interest for the future of the development of the eco friendly transport market.

All car manufactures are busy heads down playing their cards very close to their chest about their position on the development of electric cars. There is no question that electric cars are the future of the world transport system and all manufactures are taking this very seriously.

To follow the progress is not easy and I have informers working around the clock to keep me abreast of the latest developments.

It has been interesting to note that the Nissan Leaf has just got a top safety rating as reported by CNN in the electric powered plug-in car category. Leaf earned a top five star rating in the Federal Government ‘s new tougher crash test rating system under the National Highway Traffic Safety System Admin new rating. All vehicles are given a star rating on the score for side and front impact testing. The Leaf earned a four out of five for personal safety. I guess the one point was lost because the windows were not shatterproof. However, it is not a major problem as this can be achieved by applying Klingshield shatter resistant window film to all the windows.

These safety films come with a combination of solar and safety benefits and once applied to the glass it will turn the windows of the Leaf all-electric car into high performance shatterproof windows .

When electric charging stations are established in their numbers, consumers will drive to a charging station to fill up. This will be the start of the Green Car Revolution.

The world first National Motorway Network of Electric Car Charging Points opens across Britain today and the use of free solar power is now a reality.

Front Window

Solar power top up stations are now available in 12 locations and 17 more to follow by the beginning of October. Owners of electric cars will be able for the first time to travel anywhere in Britain. The top up will take 20 minutes so motorists will travel free of charge and will be travelling emission free.

With the price of oil going through the roof motorists will be able to get around using renewable energy.

General Motors are also in the Eco friendly car market and are installing charging stations with the use of solar panels in 24 Chevrolet dealerships in North America. This Auto maker launched the plug-in hybrid Chev Volt late last year. As you can see, the electric car market is about to erupt with all manufacturers doing their bit. GM will set up headquarters for electric cars and are building a factory in Detroit.

Where does this leave the South African market and what are we as a nation doing to participate in this new world technology?

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