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Electricity Bills Hit the Consumer

Electricity Bills Hit the Consumer in the Pocket

Electricity charges are increasing all the time and consumers need to learn how to conserve energy, as these increases directly and indirectly hit them in the pocket where it hurts most.

Present indications of the changing environment and global climate change is evident as we experience longer droughts, more frequent cyclones, hurricanes, more intense fires, rising sea levels.

Companies need to tune in and take note of ways to conserving energy as in the future, the world will be experiencing more blackouts as a way of life, unless something drastic takes place.

We cannot live comfortably without lights and hot water, as well as doing without washing machines, vacuum cleaners, computers and various other electrical equipment in today’s world. It is interesting to note that manufacturers of various electrical appliances are now manufacturing energy saving equipment and are advertising this on many new products.

Stop the Sun

Responsible companies are promoting “going green” and certain radio stations are also campaigning to save energy as the crisis looms.

Window film plays a very important role when it comes to saving on electricity bills and reducing carbon footprint. Smart windows will be the thing of the future. Transition window films will come into play as the research of science materials and physical chemistry will positively impact on the reduction of wasted energy.

Buildings will become power houses to generate power as these new photovoltaic products will cover entire buildings. Based on sound science and engineering, potential light sources can produce power, however longevity is still a concern. Numerous companies around the world are working on new coatings for energy saving and have spent large amounts of capital on research and development.

The Sun

Solar farms creating wind power and sunlight power will be the thing of the future and it is estimated that by the year 2050, 90% of energy will come from renewable technology and this will have a positive impact in the changing world that we need to create.

In view of the above, Klingshield now has a vested interest in renewable energy as well as also stressing to consumers how the application of solar control window film can help contribute towards the saving of energy.

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