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Electricity Hikes

South African Electricity Hikes

Building and home owners must come to realise that the cost of electricity will continue spiralling and there is an urgent need to do something about it. Airconditioning costs are becoming prohibitive and building owners need to insulate their properties to save on cooling and heating electricity bills.

The sun pours in through windows daily in offices and homes causing discomfort. To counteract this problem, consumers utilise airconditioning units which cost huge amounts of money to pump the heat out the building. Why not rather install energy conservation window film which stops the heat in its tracks, reducing or eliminating the need for airconditioning.

In winter, heating buildings, offices and homes is an expensive exercise indeed. Heating costs are exhorbitant and also in short supply. Why not install energy conservation window film which retains heat within a building and saves on heating costs?

Productivity in offices and factories is serious affected by excessive heat build up and excessive glare. Klingshield has the answers! With their Sun Gard window film consumers can eliminate up to 91% of the sun’s heat and up to 92% of the sun’s glare, giving your home and office the most effective pair of sunglasses you could wish for.

Sun Gard window film keeps you cool and comfortable even through the hottest days in summer, reducing airconditioning costs, improving working conditions and efficiency. It acts as an insulation and helps retain heat in winter.

Other benefits include protection of merchandise and machinery from heavy sun damage and fading. Reflective films add privacy and costs less than other available tinted glass or shading devices.


Light Density Klingshield Films


Window films come in a variety of shades and colours, easy to clean and also guaranteed to improve your company’s image and protect you against the dangers of flying glass.

Why be hot and bothered in summer – rather be deliciously cool !!
Why freeze in winter – rather be snug and warm !!!

Did you know that Klingshields sun control window films can reduce electricity costs by up to 50% under certain conditions. Sun control window films block out penetrating heat thus creating a cooler and more pleasant atmosphere and environment.

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