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Electronic Window Film Technology

Electronic Window Film and Tinting Technology

Klingshield, the window film and tinting authority in South Africa, reports from the Convention Centre in Sandton about the future of the window film industry.  Offices, homes and car windows could be in for some amazing changes in the near future, according to Mr Leon Levy, the founder of the 40 year old window tinting company.
The introduction of personalized window tinting adjustment is now available on the international market and will eventually come to our African shores. Consumers will be in a position to choose the amount of daylight and sunlight they require by making adjustments with the introduction of a “push button” technology.
This Electrochromic window film once attached to glass, has five settings of different darknesses of tint, from one percent light density which is virtually opaque ,which will be ideal for a bedroom in sleeping hours or for boardroom presentations in offices to 9 percent for dull or overcast days. This technology is also known as “Smart” window film or “Switchable” tinting.
Boeing has now introduced this window tint techno edge on their new Boeing 787 aircrafts. Window film distributors and installers can look forward to these new products in the near future.  Much more work will be needed to ensure that the product is economical and affordable to the general public.
Other new technology will be see-through window films and coatings for offices, homes and car windows and once applied to glass will be able to generate electricity.  More research needs to be done to increase the life expectancy of these products.  Also on the drawing board, is intelligent window film that will adjust the amount of sunlight as required.  Spray on tinting  which collects energy is also at an advanced stage and should be available in the near future.

The industry is in for lots of changes and the question is who will be the first window manufacture out with these new products at reasonable prices. Time will tell.

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