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Energy Efficiency” Window Films never looked better

Energy Efficiency” Window Films never looked better

Energy Efficiency” Window Films never looked better

Klingshield Technical Department
Johannesburg South Africa July 2011

With the shortage of power experienced in South Africa over the last few years, it is not surprising to hear of an agreement between the International Energy Agency and the South African Energy Department being concluded. This agreement will help South Africa become more energy efficient, the Minister of Energy, Dipuo Peters said in Johannesburg recently.

This is an important milestone for us because the seals the cooperative engagement that we enjoy with the International Energy Agency. It is critical to ensure that South Africa is not left behind when it comes to saving on electricity.

Energy is the life blood of any economy and economical development is highly dependable on the availability of energy resources. Peters said however, it would help South Africa gain expertise from other countries embodied in the International Energy Agency. This would allow South Africa to become more offay with renewable energy, data management and analysis, energy efficiency and clean technologies.

The importance of “green building” technology has been highlighted with the Green Building Conference and exhibition taking place in July at the Sandton Convention in Johannesburg. Renowned international speakers with knowledge and expertise in green planning, design and building has placed a stronger emphasis on the need to save energy. Delegates had the opportunity to participate in workshops dealing with retail and commercial energy saving.

Retro fit window film products were also discussed. South Africa’s Minister of Public Works, Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde delivered the opening speech. The Convention had more than 100 exhibition stands of the latest “green building” products and services.
Klingshield’s window film is an amazing product packed with consumer benefits such as solar heat control, lower energy costs, improved comfort, fade protection and safety and security.

Klingshield’s solar film reduces the amount of visible light (glare) being transmitted through glass, reducing eye strain and increasing privacy. With a large of films available, Klingshield can offer the correct film for the client’s needs. Klingshield’s window film comes in a wide range of performances to suit most applications. Klingshield’s window film can be applied to all types of glass and is installed by professional installers who are highly trained and who fit the film according to the company’s specifications.

Sun control window films applied to glass perform the same function as reflective glass. However window films offer a greater variety of density, shades and colours at different performance levels.

Klingshield’s window films are designed to survive in the harsh South African climate and offer a scratch resistant coating for longevity and protection.

Energy efficiency does not cost the earth when you use Klingshield’s sun control window films. Supply and installation costs average around R350-00 to R450-00 per square meter, depending on the ease of application, sizes of windows and type of film chosen. This compares favourable against other window treatments and shading devices.

The method of manufacture of window film is less damaging to the environment because it converts existing glass into a new product form.

It has been recorded that window film applied to glass has remained in good condition even after 25 years. All products are warrantied from 2 years to a lifetime.

In the future all new homes will be required to take energy efficient measures in their design. This is a very positive step for the environment and we must continue to strive to create new and creative ways to achieve compliance with new energy standards.
Other benefits include ease of application, durability and a aesthetic appeal.

Klingshield’s window film can be used on new or retro fit buildings, both in residential and commercial applications.

Most of all once applied, our products have energy efficient qualilties, which means less cost to the consumer and the environment. Building owners will benefit from greater comfort, less costs and an added value to their building.

For more information on our range of energy conservation window films please contact us