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Energy & Life Saver Window Film


One needs to be at the right place at the right time. To remain market leaders in the window film industry, one needs passion, energy, innovation, and the know-how to deliver a first class service with a quality product.

From standard window films to exceptionally thick high tech nano safety films, we have the complete range.
We understand our product and install and distribute window film in the market place every day.

We have a range of new innovative products - Kleen-Shield, which is a liquid coating that makes glass easy to clean and maintains the sparkle on your windows. Nano Shield, our new high performance safety film is the best product on the market and our spectacular exclusive glass signs are prominent in the market place and in high demand.




Exciting times ahead!!

  • Stone Shield, our new paint protection product now available.
  • Our new “user-friendly” website is up and running and will play a serious part in our future marketing and media plans.
  • New self-cleaning intelligent window film products will be available in the near future.
  • Our testing farm researches most manufacturer’s products and ranges. We have been testing films for the last 40 years and understand and know the difference between good and poor quality films.


second to none film


The Japanese technology is very strong when it comes to film technology. The Koreans are very serious about this business and are trying hard. The Chinese have a strong eye for the window film market and the Taiwanese believe they also have an opportunity. Good films are also made in India today. They have been making film for many decades. The Israelis also have some good films in their stable. The American manufacturers have some excellent products in their ranges. The Europeans need to be more active in the marketing and promoting of window film into their opportune markets.

There is an array of excitement in the window film industry in the USA and many entrepreneurs are enjoying and making money out of our wonderful industry which has grown up so much over the last 40 years.

We as a company are interested in sharing our excitement, passion and knowledge with other entrepreneurs who follow their dreams and build successful and exciting companies

Our Academy is second to none. Our teachings are based on facts. Our ideas are different and we take our business very seriously. We eat, sleep, dream and love the window film business and it runs in our veins.


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