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The Energy Robbers

The Energy Robbers – our Windows

It is imperative in today’s world to insulate and protect your windows the same as one would the insulation of walls and roofs. Windows do not provide significant relief and reduction from the sun’s penetrating solar heat. The results of non-performing windows are higher airconditioning costs, as well as overworked, tired airconditioning units. Maintenance of airconditioning becomes exhorbitant and our new electricity rates create huge soaring bills.

To add further personal discomfort to one’s pocket, thousands of Rands worth of damage to carpets, curtains and furnishes will be caused by the sun’s rays and will eventually have to be replaced.

Windows in buildings or homes with large expanses of glass, which is very popular today in contemporary architecture, can cause villainous robbing of energy rands.

Something needs to be done urgently to save money and energy!

Hot and bothered

Transparent window films in reflective and non-reflective is what it is all about. Insulating films are adhered to windows to bond to the glass to become one.

Under intense bright sunlight, the solar energy passing through ordinary plate glass is intense. The metal vapour deposit which is part of the reflective film make up rejects solar radiation.

In winter, transparent reflective window films will prevent hot spots from developing in buildings and will insulate all heat generated within the building. The reflective films come in a range of colours to enhance the style of a particular architectural façade. The optical clarity of the films do not distort your view to the outside, yet it cuts the glare from the sun. It acts as a mirror from the outside and also prevents people from seeing in during daytime hours.

All films are tested to Aimcal (Association of Industrial Metallisers Coaters and Laminators) specifications. Aimcal was founded in 1956 as a trade organisation in the United States of America. It’s membership are companies dealing in the manufacture and supply of material. Aimcal members have developed testing standards for window film including optical solar properties. Window film manufacturers in the USA conform to these standards by publishing test and data sheets on their product performances. This enables the consumer to ensure a meaningful choice between different style window films. Brand names are a form of trust and reputable installers need to offer a warranty on their installation work to conform with Aimcal standards.

Attention needs to be given to the drain of energy from windows and building management and owners need to understand the value of having window film fitted to their buildings.

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