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Window Film- Energy Saver

Window Film Is A Big Energy Saver


With the 25% increase in electricity tariffs that came into effect last year, it is important to note that Eskom have been granted 3 x 25% increases by the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa, with further increases coming in over the next two years. Eskom however have taken the initiative in supplying businesses and households with energy-saving light globes, which has proved to be a great success in saving energy.

These huge price hikes are going to play a significant role in increasing electricity and heating bills in factories, offices and homes. South African society need to follow the rest of the world when it comes to saving energy. Savings will soon show up once Klingshield’s new high tech Nano Ceramic window film technology has been installed to windows in various buildings.

New Ceramic films stop 91% of the heat from entering through windows, reducing or eliminating the need for airconditioning, thereby saving you money.

The Western world are forced to cut back on electricity power consumption and in South Africa it is imperative for us to follow suit to stop the peaks of electricity to enable us to reduce the amount of power cuts which we have been experiencing.

Without insulation, heat flies in and out through windows allowing in 100% of the ultra violet light, heat and glare, fading drapes, carpeting and curtaining.

Looking at the situation rationally, the inescapable facts are that the Southern Hemisphere and particularly South Africa, are now exposed to much higher levels of radiation than in the past.

If one realises that the UV light is an electro magnetic wave frequency that lies between violet in the visible spectrum and x-rays in the shorter wavelengths, it makes the potential danger of UV more undesirable.

It is now time for the South African business man to realise how important it is to implement energy saving programmes, which will yield a great result in calculating return on investment from the savings of cooling and heating bills, as well as the added protection from the dangerous ultra-violet rays.

It is one thing to talk about energy saving, but another thing taking action, which is desperately needed in our world today.

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