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External look and appearance of window film on glass.

External look and appearance of window film on glass.

External Look and Appearance of Window Film on Glass

Klingshield Technical News
Johannesburg South Africa August 2011

Most clear flat glass products contain small amounts of iron oxide which produces a green tint usually only perceived when a piece of glass is viewed from a side angle. Once a non-reflective film is attached to the clear float glass it produces a “tinted look”. Various colours of tint film can be applied in grey, bronze, blue and also a range of rainbow colours to create different effects.

All these non-reflective films come in different densities of light transmission from a slight tint to a medium tint to a dark tint or a very dark 5% transmission. When viewed from the inside one has a slight tinted look from the outside. One would have a coloured look window. The darker the tint the stronger the colouring in the glass.

Glass coated with Klingshield reflective window film will exhibit a strong reflective appearance from the exterior in the colour chosen. Transmitted light from the inside gives a light tint look with a perfect viewing to the outside. The reflective look can also be varied when it comes to light densities.

There are normally three styles – light reflective, semi-reflective or highly reflective. Blue reflective film applied to glass has become very popular with architects and designers in our modern world.
Designer films in blocks and stripes are also utilized for decorative purposes onto clear glass for office partitions and bathrooms. Glass obscurity is available in a sandblast or etching look where privacy is required with ample light transmissions by diffusion of the light.

Translucent window film only allows slightly less light than clear glass and is utilized in areas where sand blast is used. The sandblast window films are more practical than sand blast glass, which appears blotchy when it gets wet and also becomes see-through in the rain. However, this does not happen with sandblast window films which offer a great benefit. Klingshield sandblast films also come in a bronze, silver and grey look. These products are manufactured by laminating white translucent film to non-reflective film as explained in the article on translucent films on our website.

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