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Australian Window Film Market

“Eyes” on Australian Window Film Market

Window films were first manufactured in the late 60’s in the USA from technology utilised by the American Space industry. A product was required to be applied to the shuttle to enable astronauts to see through, but at the same time to be protected from the sun.

The United States of America was the first country to launch and promote window film for offices and homes. As the market grew, various manufacturers started popping up, manufacturing different styles of window films. As time moved on improvements were made and the window film industry blossomed from a “Mama and Papa” business to a real industry.

Today manufacturers have highly sophisticated expensive equipment, manufacturing an array of different style products for different sun related problems, whether it be home, office or car.

American manufacturers enjoy a huge export market, relying on other countries to help utilise and keep their machines running day and night. The Australian and South African window film markets are very important to the manufacturers.

Sun control window film makes up a large portion of the manufacturing mix, tends to be a seasonal business and during the winter months in America, manufacturers rely on export orders to countries experiencing the summer season.

The Australian consumer is very aware of the damage caused by ultra violet radiation. The ultra violet radiation in Australian has reached an alarming proportion and consumers utilise window film for the reduction of UV radiation.

The majority of cars sold through dealerships in Australia utilise window film which is the number one after market product in Australia.

CP Films under the Motor 1 umbrella in Australia, are the leaders in window film in Australia. However, Sun Tek, CP’s neighbours in Virginia, USA are chasing hard after a slice of this market. Sun Tek have know opened their own offices in Australia and are selling their full range of window films to the Australian market. Madico have just appointed their long standing agent with their new Sun Gard range of window film products.

The Sun Gard business was recently sold by Pacific Window Films after distributing sun gard window film over the last 30 years, and have now been bought by the Israeli manufacturers who have turned it into a Hanita distribution centre.

Madico who recently bought Sun Gard, realise that this was a problem for the distribution of their products and this is the reason why they have now appointed Madico’s distributor to distribute their products. Johnsons Window Film are also in the pack looking for greater market share in Australia.

Numerous other Korean products are slowly but surely finding their way into the Australian window film market. Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers would also like a piece of the pie.

As can be seen from the above, everybody has “eyes” on the Australian market due to the enormous amount of film being sold and installed there.

In conclusion, it is interesting to note that the Chinese market is the fastest growing window film market and certain manufacturers are investing huge amounts of money in factories and facilities to produce high tech window film in China.

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