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Fairer policy with Aftermarket Industries

Car Manufactures should have a fairer policy with Aftermarket Industries

Car manufactures should not restrict consumers by creating barriers as to which products can be installed into their cars, without knowing the facts regarding fairer prices and correct information. Some car manufacturers force dealers to use suppliers they get kickbacks from to be in a position to score from second gross products.

Perhaps South Africa should have a Fair Treatment Consumer Council to deal with these problems that exist. It's the old story “one hand washes another" and screw the consumers, we come first.  Yes this is happening in the motor industry ,says Levy, the inventor of smash and grab window protection for vehicles windows.

We have been in this business for forty years and have installed our products on thousands upon thousands of vehicles in South Africa. We are world leaders in technology when it comes to self-adhesive window film and tinting products for office home and car windows.  Window film is our business and we eat sleep and dream the industry.  Installing a film onto windows is a very specialized installation and it requires highly trained experienced technicians as each window is different in size and problems also occur on cars, especially when one has to deal with two way curves in car windows, door panels, thickness of glass and various thicknesses in film.  Cleaning techniques in itself is specialized and laminating without creating bubbles is very tricky. It has taken years of research and development to perfect our applications and to offer perfect vehicle installations.  Our policy is “no returns and every installation is bubble free and custom fit”.

We have had the same car dealers for years and they know from experience that we are the best in the business. All of a sudden, one day, certain car manufacturers, the mighty Toyota being one of them, gave an instruction that they can only deal with certain companies and one being PG glass to do their window film installations.  Well, well this turns into a nightmare for many dealers as PG is a huge glass company who are supplying glass to Toyota and as the story goes “one hand washes another".

Window Film Protection
PG do not understand the window film installation business like Klingshield and deliver lots of dodgy installations. Some sales people in the dealerships are up in arms and tearing their hair out with the poor quality they are being dished up. The car manufacturers don't flinch an eyelid and even after much discussion pointing out the problems, Toyota have not bothered to do anything to solve the problems they have created. The other problem is that the consumer is asking for Klingshield and the dealers are just using other products  without advising some consumers.
The bottom line is that the dealer goes against the instruction from the dictators and still use Klingshield as they know it's their responsibility to make sure their customers are protected and that they have they best installation in the business for their clients. “I don't blame them” says Levy the CEO of Klingshield.  “How can an honest salesman put a second rate product on their clients car when they are dealing in a very competitive market and are looking for federal business. This goes against the principals of honest dealing.


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