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Fiat and Klingshield

Fiat, Diesel and Klingshield

In today’s world, famous brands stick together and utilise each other’s strength to reinforce brand awareness in the consumer’s mind.

Fiat and Diesel have got into bed together with the joint effort of marketing the Fiat 500 with Diesel accessories. The Fiat 500 was voted the “Green” car of the year in Europe due to it’s low carbon emission as well as its economical use of fuel.

It is interesting to note how companies utilise each other in marketing exercises to improve the awareness and strength of each other’s branded products.

Klingshield is very proud to be associated with these two brand names in the South African auto market. Klingshield has been installing it’s “smash and grab” solar safety window films on Fiat 500’s since its inception some years ago. The Fiat 500 is a beautifully designed motor car and will definitely be a collector’s item in decades to come.

Diesel, an Italian fashion brand is being utilised in some upholstery areas of the Fiat motor vehicle. It is imperative to have Klingshield’s smash and grab safety film applied to the Fiat’s windows as the glass is very vulnerable to “smash and grab” attackers.

In Johannesburg police are focusing on hot spots such as traffic lights, off and on ramps, etc., cracking down on “smash and grab”.

Klingshield’s “smash and grab” window films pass S.A. Bureau of Standards testing procedures for safety glazing. Once the film has been applied to the car glass it will hold the glass together in an attack or even in an accident.
The smash and grab solar safety window film applied by Klingshield to Fiat’s car windows, reflect the sunlight and reduce the interior temperature of the car.

Klingshield solar safety “smash and grab” window film also stops 99% of the ultra violet light, whereby saving the interior from sun damage. This film also reduces daytime and night time glare which causes headaches, eye fatigue and stress whilst driving.
New owners of the Fiat 500 are also applying Klingshield’s new Nano Ceramic windshield protection to their front windscreens to reduce the interior temperature even further and offer extra protection on the front windscreen.

For more information on “smash and grab” window films please contact us.