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Fire Resistance of Glass Applied with Safety film.

Fire Resistance Of Glass Applied With Klingshield Safety Film

Glass by itself is not fire resistant and is a weak link to fires in one room. In other words if a fire breaks out indoors the ordinary glass in partitions glass doors or internal windows will shatter from the intense heat and oxygen will draw the fire into the room and cause it to spread quickly.
Glass applied with window film will hold together for a longer period of time, thus prolonging the fire from spreading quickly.

Applied film to glass will not support combustion and will only start to melt at a very high temperature. Tests were undertaken by Klingshield's Research and Development and the Brixton Fire Department to ensure that the film does not support combustion, resulting in the slowing down of the spread of fire.

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The size and intensity of a fire will be determined by the rate of the heat energy produced. The performance of the different window films and the thickness of will vary the results. When the temperature of the glass exceeds 600 C the glass will start to soften and slump.

Fire resistance tests were carried out in other cities throughout South Africa to demonstrate the fact that when glass is attached permanently with self adhesive Klingshield safety film it does not support combustion.

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