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Five In One

The “Five in One” - Full House

Klingshield has now opened its new car treatment centre, offering a complete range of protection for various parts of cars. This bundle package is available to all motor dealers across Gauteng.

Klingshield has been applying smash and grab window film, as well as window tinting to car dealers for almost 50 years. Being the originators of window film products for the South African market, Klingshield have now ventured into a five in one protection for motor cars that will be highly beneficial to you.

Looks Good

Cars are exposed to all kinds of environmental hazards on a daily basis.These hazards need to be addressed as they can create unsafe circumstances for drivers, passengers, as well as the vehicles.

  1. Smash and Grabs are a daily occurrence in South Africa. Cars also suffer from interior overheating due to the amount of heat that pours through windscreens, making drivers uncomfortable and irritable.
  2. High heat reflecting Nano Ceramic windscreen films is the latest breakthrough and is now available in a 70% light density, making it legal to install on front windscreens. Every day Klingshield installs windscreen film to cars for their dealers from Prados, Discoveries,Golfs,BMW’s, Cherries,Toyota Hilux’s to Volvos.
  3. Paint protection, utilising a thick polyurethane clear film is installed on bumpers, headlights and other high wear and tear parts of a car’s body. This paint protection product reduces and protects against industrial fallout , chips, scratches and general wear and tear normally experienced by vehicle owners.
  4. Interior protection for fabrics and upholstery, protects against UV rays, stains, spills and cracking. Upholstery protection resists staining and makes upholstery easy to clean and seat fabrics looking newer for a long time. Boot protection is also a must as it resists oil, water, milk and general liquid food stains and keeps the carpets looking new. It is also important to have this protection for health reasons due to the amount of bacteria that breeds in the boots of cars.
  5. Glass liquid coating to improve visibility during the rainy season by 50%. This product turns ordinary car window glass into self-cleaning glass by reducing the maintenance of your car windows by 90%. Windows being at least 35% of the complete area of a car,it is imperative to ensure that the windows are always clean and sparkling to allow for safer driving day and night.

For further information on this “five-in-one” protection package, please call us or view our other innovative products, i.e. Stone-Shield, Fabric-Shield, Kleen-Shield, Smash & Grab and front windscreen protection.

Klingshield's car tearment centre offers many different products such as paint protection film, window tinting, smash and grab window film, interior windscreen protection film, exterior windscreen protection film, fabric-shield, to name a few.

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