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Fly-By-Night Operators in the Window Film Industry

Fly-By-Night Operators in the Window Film Industry

After eating, sleeping and dreaming window film, one comes to realise and see new players “coming and going” in the window film business. This process starts with manufacturers of window film or window tint. Over the years I have seen huge companies come and go. Companies such as Van Leer who have been operating on the world market for decades, bought into window film manufacturers and jumped out after a few years, realising that it is not an easy business technically.

Other companies such as Ozalid and Courtaulds have also been involved in the manufacturer of window over the years. All these companies have disappeared in the wind and there are many new players on the block.

American manufacturers have also had their turn, and companies like DTI, Solar X, are but some of a few that have come and gone over decades.

Window film installers and distributors have also come and gone in the South African market. Companies believe this to be an easy business. However, they soon learn that window film is a very specialised industry that needs focus and attention. We at Klingshield have observed over the last 40 years, that these “have squeegee will travel” companies disappear.

The problem for the consumer is that in the interim their products have been installed on numerous windows with warranties, which were not worth the paper they were written on. When the consumer has a problem and phones the company, they soon find out that they are out of business.

It is for this reason that consumers take note of the longevity of Klingshield and also the references available under “Testimonials”. We are a company who are proud of every window our product gets installed on to and the same detail goes into each and every piece of glass to ensure that we get the best finish possible in the long term.

Klingshield is an innovative company and is always first with the latest window film technology. We are the leaders in the world when it comes to marketing and installation of window film products and will continue to strive to remain the best as we have a passion and commitment to our products and our business. Our customers can be assured that they will only receive the best service and attention to detail available in the market place today.

With our new innovative range of products, one needs to take note of the quality, as there are always going to be other companies following us like copy cats, to offer a similar type product. However, these fly by night operators will find it very difficult to compete with Klingshield due to our 40 years of experience which we are very proud of.

Let the buyer beware. Not all window technology products are the same and with Klingshield one can be assured of dealing with the most reliable and ethical company in the window technology industry.

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