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Print Magazines Doomed

Print is Slowing Dying

For the past forty years I have been busy marketing the Klingshield brand, trying and testing all types of media from radio to free sheet to newspapers, TV exercises etc. You name it I have tried it. I have slept, dreamt and eaten advertising and marketing and rattled my brains on how to get the biggest response for the least amount of money.
It is interesting to note how the markets have changed over the years. What used to work in the old days does not work anymore and I believe the reason for this is because the consumer has less time to read in this hectic world we live in. With the new world of Internet, consumers are busy on line with Facebook, YouTube, reading the news online and getting all the answers on Google and other information sites.

I also believe the yellow pages as a news media is a dead duck when it comes to marketing and advertising in the year 2019. Everybody Googles to get the information they choose to have.

This brings me to my main subject of Homemakers Fair, a free home improvement magazine with a distribution of 200000, which is distributed to homes in the Gauteng area. We as a company believed this product had some value to us and we kept our advertising running for years. A few months ago we decided to do some testing to find the true value for our money. The results were negligible and we discussed the poor response with their Sales Consultant. We were convinced to keep our ad running in the Homemaker Magazine and assured that the situation would improve.

We agreed to give it a last chance and placed another ad for R7500. This proved to be a complete waste of money. We dedicated a special phone line to monitor the response and did not receive one call for our R7500!

Now you may understand why we say Homemakers are out for a duck. In today's economy no company can afford to waste their money and we can definitely say that Homemakers Fair no longer works for us. The moral of the story “Once bitten, twice shy”.

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